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Welcome to In One Peace

Mindset Coaching Focusing on

Self-Acceptance & Self-Trust



Elizabeth Azeziat, CTACC

Certified Mindset Coach

Welcome! I’m Elizabeth Azeizat, Certified Life Coach and Founder of In One Peace. With a focus on mindset coaching, my mission is to provide a safe space and compassionate ear that encourages you to focus on your relationship with yourself and supports your meaningful actions towards self-acceptance and self-trust. After spending the last ten years helping predominantly women from different parts of the world navigate their life situations, dig deep to discover their voice, and communicate their truth, I decided to invest in my journey.


To help you transform your relationship with fear and self-trust. Together, we uncover new insights and perspectives that help break patterns & behaviors to propel you forward, where you arrive in one piece and at peace.


To support and encourage the release of negative narratives, embracing imperfections, and leaning into fears to create an authentic space for growth.




Discovery Call

Discovery calls are an excellent opportunity to learn more about my services and gain personal insights regardless of the outcome. Both of us will use our knowledge, resources, skills, and intuition to problem solve on your behalf.

During the call we will do introductions, review your current personal and professional circumstances and challenges, see what you’re looking to take away from this potential partnership and more.



In One Peace

1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

My one-on-one coaching creates a safe space for collaborative and meaningful dialogue. Together we will identify obstacles that prevent goal attainment, and work with you to develop new thought processes and behaviors, ultimately creating a more compassionate and understanding relationship with yourself and all connected to you.

You bring the agenda and what you want to take away from each session. I offer a safe space and support system that provides you with an accountability partner and safe opportunities to reflect on what actions you can take to enhance your life.



for companies & organizations

My workshops focus on the benefit of adopting and nurturing a mindset that embraces challenges as opportunities for growth.


This encourages an openness to new perspectives and insights that supports collaborative dialogue and teamwork, increase in morale, enhanced communication, personal and professional development and goal attainment. 


Clients Recommend

LN, New York

"Our coaching session together was an opportunity for me to find a way to guide my own thoughts, propel me towards self-discovery, and truly get to the root of my issues on terms that made sense to me. I would recommend Liz to anyone, hands down."

LG, Connecticut

Elizabeth developed a 4 part training series focused on getting comfortable dealing with conflict.  Each session was excellent. She took time to tailor the training to our specialized business and included valuable insights, information, 
interactive exercises, and tools that employees can take away and apply to the work they do.  Elizabeth provides a valuable opportunity for skill building, self reflection and self development.  

KB, New York

 Elizabeth ran a workshop on Conflict Resolution. The complete support she offered and provided allowed staff to feel empowered and own their right to be considered a leader. As a result of our session with Elizabeth, most team members opened up and felt comfortable sharing more than they had in the past. Elizabeth listens to her clients wants and needs and customizes her workshops to provide an experience that shifts and changes mindsets and behaviors. 

RB, Maryland

"Liz truly listened to me and asked questions I’ve never been asked, only to hear myself provide the answers I needed to hear and believe. She was my cheerleader when I had a breakthrough and a motivator when I had a breakdown. After only three months, I’m starting to feel like myself again. I deserved more than what I was giving myself credit for. “


In this video, I have a powerful conversation with a high school friend and founder of Tribe2Village, a space created to use collective experiences, knowledge, and expertise to heal and develop communities. We reconnected recently after several years to discuss a dirty four-letter word - FEAR! We dive into the impact that fear can have on our lives, talk about some of our personal experiences, and share strategies to overcome fears. Feel free to comment and share!

Click to visit a YouTube channel I created with friend and fellow certified coach, Kendall Abbey. Kendall and I spark meaningful conversations about human behavior, beliefs, and culture, and we explore these topics through conversations, personal stories, and interviews. We use our vulnerability, experiences, and perspectives to explore topics we're passionate about and pose questions for our audience. Subscribe to join in on the conversations and watch our first series on Limiting Beliefs!

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