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In One Peace 1-on-1 Coaching Session

My one-on-one coaching creates a safe space for collaborative and meaningful dialogue. Together we will identify obstacles that prevent goal attainment, and work with you to develop new thought processes and behaviors, ultimately creating a more compassionate and understanding relationship with yourself and all connected to you.

You bring the agenda and what you want to take away from each session. I offer a safe space and support system that provides you with an accountability partner and safe opportunities to reflect on what actions you can take to enhance your life.

A Discovery Call is required prior to booking a coaching session.

  • Who is Coaching For?
    Anyone who is ready to take control of their why’s and their lives.
  • What Can Coaching Do For Me?
    Better Relationship with Yourself and Others Better is defined by you. Ex: ending an unhealthy relationship, building healthy boundaries with a parent or partner, or figuring out what you love to do and doing it. Build and Practice Self-Trust You'll spend more time doing intrinsically rewarding activities and find yourself pushing forward on challenging but achievable goals. Embrace and Practice Self-Validation Stop seeing the opinions of others as a reflection of your worth and value. Confidently voice your needs, ask for help, or redefine the role your job plays in your overall well-being. View Failure as a Part of Progress, Not a Part of Who You Are Viewing failure as a learning opportunity and hard work as a way to get better can lead to promotions, leadership roles, or taking the first step towards something you're avoiding because of fear of failure.
  • What Can I Expect?
    60 minutes Of active, uninterrupted, and compassionate listening. Collaborative and Meaningful Dialogue To help you explore new perspectives and insights, resulting in powerful actions. A Safe Space Focused entirely on your interests, challenges, and goals. Accountability To help you enhance your life through actions.
  • How Often Do We Work Together?
    It's what works for you! I offer weekly, biweekly, or monthly 1 hour sessions.
  • How Many Sessions?
    Packages begin at 12 sessions.
  • How Are Sessions Held?
    Sessions are held online (Zoom, Skype, Google Meet), phone call, or in-person for 1 hour, including unlimited email/text support.
  • How Do I Get Started?
    Book a Free Discovery Call at the link above. It’s a 1-hour complimentary call where you can learn more about my services, gain personal insights regardless of the outcome, and evaluate if this partnership is the best fit at this time.
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