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Get to Know Me
and My Philosophy



Elizabeth Azeziat,

Mindset Coach & Founder

Welcome! I’m Elizabeth Azeizat, Certified Life Coach and Founder of In One Peace. With a focus on mindset coaching, my mission is to provide a safe space and compassionate ear that encourages you to focus on your relationship with yourself and supports your meaningful actions towards self-acceptance and self-trust. After spending the last ten years helping predominantly women from different parts of the world navigate their life situations, dig deep to discover their voice, and communicate their truth, I decided to invest in my journey. 


For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt immense pressure to be extraordinary, to achieve great things. It’s no surprise that my worth, value, self-acceptance, and love for myself were based almost solely on external validation. The belief that “I was enough” didn’t hold as much weight as it did when validated by others. I felt stuck and in a million pieces. What changed? I started working intently with a coach, dedicated time and energy towards personal development groups and one-on-one workshops and devoured books on healing and growth. I let everyone know I was investing in myself.


I came out on the other side with a better understanding of myself, stronger connections with those I care for, and a deep love for all my pieces. As a coach, I am honored to support my clients as they shift their mindset, release negative narratives, embrace imperfections, and lean into vulnerability. By strengthening the relationship with yourself, you can begin to believe that you are already extraordinary, that being is already achieving, and that you have always been enough.


Self-worth, Self-trust, Self-love

Having the right mindset can change how you view situations and how you view yourself. This begins with embracing a beginner’s mindset, acknowledging your efforts, not just the outcomes, and strengthening the belief that your worth is not tied to pleasing, performing, or achieving. 


In our sessions, I support, guide, and offer you accountability as you expand your comfort zone, uncover and challenge negative narratives and beliefs, and create action items that align with your values and help your personal and professional development. 

When faced with challenges, the right mindset can help increase resilience and perseverance, making it more likely to achieve goals, enjoy the process, value the journey as much as the destination, and arrive in one piece and at peace.

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